25 Questions With Victoria Lee

David Jones ambassador Victoria Lee is next in our hot seat. Meet the international model and discover her favourite things (including Pictionary, Pilates and The Beatles)


1. The best career advice you’ve ever received… "Trust your gut. Always keep learning and growing from your experiences." 2. Three personal qualities that got you where you are… "Kindness, determination, authenticity." 3. The biggest perk of your role as David Jones ambassador… "Being a part of the DJs family and season launches - crazy busy but so much fun and in incredible locations." 4. The person you admire most… "My family. I’m very lucky to have such supportive, strong and loving people in my life." 5. Something you’re surprisingly good at… "Trivia." 6. And one thing you’re terrible at… "Singing." 7. The smartest wardrobe investment you’ve ever made… "A great tailored blazer." 8. Your top three clothing brands right now… "Bassike, Camilla and Marc, ESSE Studios." 9. Your number one beauty essential… "SPF 50+ moisturizer." 10. The time it takes you to get ready before a night out… "It depends where I’m going! This will probably be contested by my family and boyfriend but I’d say 35 minutes." 11. The best book you’ve read in a while… "Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden."

12. Your favourite board game… "Pictionary."

13. The greatest holiday you’ve ever taken… "Bateman’s Bay. Forever my favourite." 14. Your go-to workout… "I love Fluid Form Pilates and Lean Bean Fitness."

15. Something you’ve learned the hard way… "To trust my instincts." 16. The last thing you binge watched… "The Morning Show with Reece Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston." 17. Your favourite song of all time… "Here comes the Sun by the Beatles." 18. Something to tick off your bucket list… "Visit Greece." 19. Your drink order… "Red wine." 20. A guilty pleasure… "Ordering food and watching The Great British Bake Off." 21. Your snack of choice… "This changes all the time, but right now it’s watermelon." 22. Your middle name… "I have two, Frances Ella." 23. The thing you’re most excited for… "For the world to safely open up again." 24. Your favourite place to visit in Melbourne… "The Botanical Gardens."

25. Finish this sentence: fashion is… "Self-expression." •