25 Questions with Tom Derickx

In celebration of Melbourne Fashion Festival’s 25-year anniversary, we asked the David Jones ambassador to take our rapid fire quiz - find out what makes him tick


1. The best career advice you’ve ever received… "Find something you love doing and become really good at it. Get coffee with someone you admire and pick their brains!" 2. Three personal qualities that got you where you are… "Empathy, determination and a sense of humour." 3. The biggest perk of your role as David Jones ambassador… "Working with incredible and inspiring people." 4. The person you admire most… "My parents - their love and support is immeasurable. The ultimate role models." 5. Something you’re surprisingly good at…"Gardening." 6. And one thing you’re terrible at… "Skydiving." 7. The smartest wardrobe investment you’ve ever made… "A black tuxedo." 8. Your top three clothing brands right now… "Bassike, Levi’s, MSGM."

9. Your number one grooming essential… "An electric shaver."

10. The time it takes you to get ready before a night out… "10 minutes." 11. The best book you’ve read in a while… "Breath by James Nestor."

12. Your favourite board game… "Articulate." 13. The greatest holiday you’ve ever taken…"Rottnest Island." 14. Your go-to workout…"Surfing." 15. Something you’ve learned the hard way… "To take care of my mental health!"

16. The last thing you binge watched… "Ted Lasso." 17. Your number-one song of all time… "Dire Straits Sultans Of Swing." 18. Something to tick off your bucket list… "Visit family in Holland." 19. Your drink order… "Red wine."

20. A guilty pleasure… "Taylor Swift. 21. Your snack of choice… "Sushi."

22. Your middle name… "William Anton." 23. The thing you’re most excited for… "My wedding."

24. Your favourite place to visit in Melbourne… "The MCG."

25. Finish this sentence: fashion is… "An aesthetic expression of your style and personality." •